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Patachitra Art

Origin of Patachitra can be traced back to 8th Century AD and it is considered one the earliest form of indigenous paintings.The origin and development of Patachitra paintings are inextricably linked with the Jagannath Cult. Each year, the painted wooden images of Jagannath, Balabhadra, and Shubhadra in the Jagannath temple of Puri are ritually given the holy bath. This cleansing leads to the discoloration of the images. Hence, they are removed from the 'garbha griha' (the Seat in the Temple) for repainting. During this period, the temple images are substituted for three paintings, depicting the holy trio, on specially treated clothes or 'Patas' prepared by the temple painter. Thus the name 'Patachitra' (Sanskrit: Pata = cloth, Chitra = painting). Originating as...

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  Let's Put together a scene... It’s evening time with closely knit village homes ranging high and low, narrow lanes spread  like the branches of a tree,  deep green jungle on a side, an old monument at another end, and a lake quietly sleeping besides the monument.And now, lets add a couture store,  a grand art gallery, a unique art composition shop, designer restaurants, fashion boutiques,the glitterati, the creative clan and the enthusiasts !! It's at the peerless Hauz Khas Village, where all is interwoven.The simple villagers,  the oddest, the boldest of thinkers &creators dwell together in  an experience called HKV. I went there 18 years ago for the first time as a student, my sister had taken me there for a chinese...

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  ARTIST - CHANCHAL MITRA As the early 'Prabhat feri' bound its way through the narrow lanes of Nabadwip, a young boy with his face pasted against his window woke up to realize, that his burning desire to paint his dreams, will not let him sleep in peace.CHANCHAL MITRA opened his heart out in front of the Maati team visiting Nabadwip. With few weeks of exposure and training with Senior artists he came up with astounding work. His prodigious talent and extraordinary passion has added a new dimension to MAATI.  Since he joined 7 years back Chanchal has taught many new artists and has helped in nurturing new talent which has come to Maati.Chanchal currently heads the team of Maati artists...

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