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Let's Put together a scene... It’s evening time with closely knit village homes ranging high and low, narrow lanes spread  like the branches of a tree,  deep green jungle on a side, an old monument at another end, and a lake quietly sleeping besides the monument.And now, lets add a couture store,  a grand art gallery, a unique art composition shop, designer restaurants, fashion boutiques,the glitterati, the creative clan and the enthusiasts !! It's at the peerless Hauz Khas Village, where all is interwoven.The simple villagers,  the oddest, the boldest of thinkers &creators dwell together in  an experience called HKV.

I went there 18 years ago for the first time as a student, my sister had taken me there for a chinese lunch.Even then, it was the fashion hub of Delhi, with all the designers flocking the streets and small corner shops showcasing the most amazing and unseen creations.  Again, 10 years later, doing a full circle, I was there, looking for one such corner myself, for all that we had created at MAATI.

Working with unknown artists from various villages, painting and creating a unique art form, putting it together on a contemporary fashion medium, we created ‘Maati’. The entire journey from rural expression to urban grandeur, from talent to art, gets encapsulated in 'one and each' of our creations. Here all is interwoven. It's here that the simple and talented villagers and the odd and bold thinkers/creators dwell together in an experience called Maati!

Hand Painted T-shirts, Tops, Bags, Clutches, Cushion Covers with a palette of hundreds of paintings, hundreds of expressions, freedom to be, space to relax, scope to love and live is what Maati is for its creators and its artists. This is what Maati offers to its friends, its customers, its partners. It's here we dwell together.It’s here where expression meets art, where passion meets purpose, where living is growth and life is joy.  Its Maati – Its hand painted !

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