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As the early 'Prabhat feri' bound its way through the narrow lanes of Nabadwip, a young boy with his face pasted against his window woke up to realize, that his burning desire to paint his dreams, will not let him sleep in peace.CHANCHAL MITRA opened his heart out in front of the Maati team visiting Nabadwip. With few weeks of exposure and training with Senior artists he came up with astounding work. His prodigious talent and extraordinary passion has added a new dimension to MAATI. 

Since he joined 7 years back Chanchal has taught many new artists and has helped in nurturing new talent which has come to Maati.Chanchal currently heads the team of Maati artists and travels across India to scout for new talented artists. 




MITHUN RAY’s roots lie in Saidpur village in Samastipur District of Bihar. Saidpur is one of the many villages of India which still does not have electricity.Hard to believe but private generators light up the village on an hourly charge taken from each house.During Mithun’s childhood days his father decided to shift his family to Faridabad, for better opportunities and education of the children. At the age of 14 Mithun started supporting his education and his family by after school part time jobs. His passion for art found form during the Saturday art class in school.

From the initial stages itself his annual art examination paintings were framed and proudly displayed in the Principal’s office. After finishing his schooling, 19 yr old Mithun’s dream of showcasing his artistic talent brought him to the Maati Studio. Today he lives his dream by weaving the magic of Saidpur on to the unique hand painted T-Shirts of Maati.




Kanta Verma hails from Ajmer Sharif in Rajasthan. Having tried her hands at many things such as Bidi Binding, Hand embroidery and finally paint coating of bangle boxes she came to MAATI to learn fabric painting.At the age of 52 she was willing to learn something completely new and closer to her heart. She vaguely remembers her first visit to Delhi and can only indicate the year as the one where a major flood had engulfed Delhi (1978). The beauty of Rajasthan and its vibrant colours are reflected in each artwork created by Kanta Ji.

She has also added hand embroidery to MAATI’s artworks. Her first artwork, The Blue elephant has a beautiful ornate patch of embroidery and has become one of Maati’s hot sellers. With her enthralling narratives of childhood experiences she keeps the MAATI team smiling throughout the day.




He was the first Artist to approach us from a village in Delhi, Nangloi Gaon.Originally from Samastipur district in Bihar, Kanhaiyya Ji had come to Delhi in search of art related work. Before joining Maati Kanhaiyya Ji used to paint hoardings,movie posters,etc.He remembers vividly how movie hall owners made him paint Dilwale Dulhaniya Le jayenge, posters on the walls of their premises once they were sure they won’t need to change the movie for at least a few months.

Amongst the many artworks that kanhaiyya Ji has done for Maati his bright play of colours in Hindi Bol stands out as an outstanding specimen of his talent. A simple man with an extraordinary talent, kanhaiyya Ji stands tall as a guide and mentor for all the new artists who have joined MAATI and have learnt from him. 



A traditional family of farmers in a small Village called "Rath" in Hamirpur dist. Uttar Pradesh, India, focused on providing their children with formal education. One of the 3 siblings a boy with soft observant eyes, filled his days with sketching, clay modelling and painting.But, when the young boy, Shiv Narayan Rajpoot decided to pursue art as a career, it created tremors in his family, because...Art is not a safe career in India... art is not a career in India. India the land of the diverse cultures and traditions, proud of its heritage and boastful of its art, today is not supportive of its artists, the torch bearers of our cultural heritage. 

Fearful and yet supportive Shiv's family encouraged him to follow his art. But even today, this young and brilliant artist, with immense potential, learning and growing every day at the Maati studio happily engrossed in his art, earning well, still considers to move on to a safe teaching career in art... May some day, we the society are more connected, not just to our heritage but the soul of art, so we patronise our artists, to enrich our lives and take forward our heritage. We wish Shiv Narayan is able to breathe and live his art with the confidence of our love for it.



A 20 year old girl, from Village Bishanpur Bathua, Dist. Samastipur, Bihar, became a part of Maati artist group in 2013. She used to worked as an embroidery job worker for various people when she got to know of Maati through a friend. What caught her fascination on her visit to the studio was the seamless, bright and arty environment. Young, buoyant and quick to adapt the  new skill set, Madhu learnt to paint well over an year of training. 

Today she paints many beautiful images using a variety of mediums.  Upbeat about her beautiful paintings  and the  office she likes,  makes her look forward to each day at work. 



Sutopa hails from the outskirts of Uluberia municipality town in Howrah district in the Indian state of West Bengal. It is situated on the banks of the River Hooghly. Sutopa
a homemaker takes out 4-5 hrs from her daily routine everyday to create magical artworks for Maati. A half an hour here and an hour there, she manages her time between looking after her household, her children and  her passion... Painting. Besides a source of income it is also an outlet and  an expression of life around her. Sutopa’s creative language has an expansive depiction of the greens of Bengal. Her house is surrounded by Green paddy fields, ponds, coconut trees and her paintings depict the abundant bounty of nature around her.



Pratap Singh Mehta hails from Village Jarti, district Bageshwar, Uttarakhand. Due to his earnest desire to paint and share the beauty of his land with the world, one fine day we found ourselves on a train bound for Kathgodam station in Uttarakhand.  A bus ride through the picturesque hill-scapes of Uttarakhand took us to the holy town of Bageshwar (confluence of the rivers Saryu, Gomati and Bhagirathi). A spell binding tempo ride of 5 kilometers and the last phase of our journey, a two and a half kilometer uphill trek took us to Jarti! Within days of meeting Pratap we were seeing a vivid portrayal of life in Jarti, his childhood, village songs, folk-tales and his passion through his brilliant artworks on MAATI Tee’s.



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